Trusted Private Label Manufacturer in Glendale, AZ


Chemist, Manufacturer & Formulator of Skin, Bath & Body Care Products, Phoenix, AZ

At CITA we recognize the financial, emotional and personal investment that your business venture requires of you. We offer you our commitment to producing quality products, our attentiveness to detail, our technical expertise and our ability to interpret and transform your concepts into tangible products that will delight your customers.

We take the time to talk with you about product ingredients, our formulation approach, even the suitability of a product idea for the current marketplace. We offer suggestions and alternatives. Once you authorize us to begin work on an approved set of specifications, we create samples of the prospective products for your evaluation. If you desire any modifications, new samples are created until the formulation meet your full approval. The process of bringing your idea to life, from concept through production and packaging, can occur quickly and efficiently.

Commitment to our customers

CITA International is committed to excellence. This commitment is the foundation on which all day-to-day activities and plans are based. The following are CITA's commitments to you. CITA will always:

  • Help our customers succeed by listening to and understanding their needs.
  • Build long-term relationships with our customers based on fairness and respect.
  • Work with you to provide creative, flexible and reliable solutions to meet your company's needs.
  • Conduct our business in a safe and ethical manner, actively protect the environment and encourage our customers to participate in improving the quality of life for people everywhere.
  • Introduce to the marketplace the healthiest, most effective natural body-care preparations.
  • Act as your own chemist and technical support team as we stand ready to answer all of your questions, and your customer's questions, on products, chemistry, functionality, ingredients, adverse reactions, etc.
  • Deliver product expediently and exactly as specified.
  • Share our experience with our customers. We offer comprehensive educational programs dealing with product formulations, ingredients and applications.

CITA will always work hard to meet your expectations.