Product Formulating and Manufacturing Process FAQs

Q. 1: What is the process of having a product developed by CITA International?

A. Once we receive a description of the product/line of products that you wish to have developed, we will create samples of each item for your evaluation.

Q. 2: Do I have to pay to have CITA develop a product for me?

A. CITA charges a flat fee of US $250.00 for the first item and $ 75.00 for each additional item, paid in advance. This covers lab time, materials, samples,re-sampling (if necessary) and shipping costs, etc.
(This development fee applies only to developed-products to be manufactured by CITA International.)

Q. 3: Is the development fee all that I have to pay per item, regardless of its complexity and originality?

A. Yes, if the item falls within the "common" realm of product categories listed on our Web Site. If the item is novel and possibly patentable, or requiring extensive research and development, we will inform you of our fees.

Q. 4: How many samples of each product will I receive to evaluate?

A. We can send up to 8 samples per item at no extra charge. Sample sizes vary from 0.5 ounces to 4. ounces each, depending on the nature and cost of product.

Q. 5: Once you develop a product for me, what happens next?

A. During the development process, you can be working on package selection and label design. Once you approve the samples, we can go into production as soon as we receive your containers, labels, Silk-Screened packages, and/or film required for Silk-Screening, depending on our agreement.

Q. 6: Do I have to supply the packaging materials for my new product?

A. There are numerous package-suppliers on the internet who can send you samples of bottles, jars, tubes, and boxes, etc. Once you have made your selection you can either purchase the packages, and have them shipped to CITA, or give us the specifications and supplier(s) name and we will purchase them for you, per an agreement.

Q. 7: What kind of containers are available directly from CITA?

A. CITA stocks several types of containers that are listed below. All types of containers (other than those listed) must be located by the customer.
1. Bottles:   Cylinders, Ovals, and Boston rounds in clear, naturaland white. Sizes from: 0.25 oz. to 128 oz. Available in LDPE, HDPE, PVC and PET.
2. Caps: Disc top, Flip top and regular caps. Ribbed and smooth, in white.
(Some caps are available in black.)
3. Jars: Single-wall, double-wall, round, straight bottom, in white only.
Sizes from: 0.25 oz. to 128 oz. Domed and straight in white. (Some available in black.)
4. Pumps:    Exact dose piston pump in white and natural.Sizes from 1 oz. to 5 oz.
5. Tubes:     Lip balm tubes. Size: 5 gm. (Similar to Blistex)
6. Glass:      Clear, brown and cobalt blue. Round. 0.1 - 8 oz. capacity.
7. Caps:       Black and white. Straight, domed, smooth and ribbed.
8. Misc.:      1 Gallon pumps, 5 gallon pails - white and natural. 55 Gallon plastic drums.

Q. 8: How do I go about designing and buying labels or graphics for my product(s)?

A. Once you approve the new product(s), we will supply you with an ingredient-list, and pertinent information. With the help of a Graphic Artist (many are listed in the Yellow-Pages under Graphic Designers, or Graphic Services), the label graphics are designed to fit your container's front and back. A film is produced and taken to a label manufacturer (usually a printing shop), for label production - or sent to a Silk-Screening company (also listed in the Yellow-Pages under Screen Printing) along with your containers. The finished labels or silk-screened containers are now shipped to CITA.

Q. 9: Who are some of your customers, and what are some of the products that you've developed and manufactured?

A. Since 1991 we have developed and manufactured many products for many companies. As a Private-label and custom formulator, CITA is not in a position to reveal either customer names or their product names. There are approximately 200 successful products on the market today, which have been developed, manufactured and packaged by CITA. Most of the customers who started their business with us in 1991 are all still with us today.

Q. 10: What if I just want CITA's ingenuity to develop a product for me, but I want to have it manufactured elsewhere?

A. We can either, manufacture the product, thus developed for you, or sell you the formula with the process of manufacturing. Price to be negotiated.

Q. 11: Once you develop a product for me, do I own the formula?

A. No. CITA owns the formulation and manufacturing process for all products they develop. If it's necessary however, that you have possession of the formula, we will negotiate a price for the technology transfer.

Q. 12: What is a typical price for a product formulation with details of the manufacturing process?

A. US $5,000 - $100,000